Pay Rates
All New Drivers: $500.00 Sign on bonus after 6 months
Employed Single Drivers is $.40 per mile.
Sing On Bonus:
$500 after first 3 months of employment)
$500 after the next 3 months (6th month)
Employed Team Drivers is $.54 per mile.
Driver Referral(paid to the referring MTI employee):
$500 after the referred drivers first 3 months
$500 after the referred drivers next 3 months (6th month)
Vacation: Must work complete anniversary year:
1-3 Years
1 week
$600.00 weekly
4-9 Years
2 week
$600.00 weekly
10+ Years
3 week
$600.00 weekly
Holiday Pay:
6 days a year after after sixty days of employment. Mus be on the road, $125.00 per day, need to leave on time when dispatched, no exceptions. Must be dispatched before noon.
New Year Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Birthday Bonus:
$75 birthday pay (not on road)
$125 birthday pay (if on road)